8 weeks sustainment guide – Outward mindset

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Outward mindset

Welcome to this 8-week video program, which is designed as a sustainment guide to reinforce key principles and prompt application of the tools presented in Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset. Bi-weekly you will receive a reminder to do the next lesson in the program. You can at anytime navigate through the menu in the left side.

This program can be used by individuals working on their own or by teams working together.

Team leaders may decide to set aside ten minutes in team meetings to process and apply the ideas in this guide.



Please note that we store your information when you log in to this online program. By clicking on, you hereby agree to have read our privacy policy. https://arbingerinstitute.se/integritetspolicy/ If you want to be deleted from the program, you can write to dataskydd@arbingerinstitute.se at any time.

Step 1:

Download and print the PDF manual by clicking at the picture. It might be a good idea to have your handbook from the 2 days workshop by the hand.

Step 2:

Read the introduction to each video, watch the video, and write down the answers to the questions following each video in order to process and apply what you have learned. You will have to watch the hole video, in order to complete the lesson. Once you have answered and written down your answers, then click save, and you will be able to se you answers at the frontpage in ”My profile” or you can print them. This guidebook will become a journal of your learning and will be a place to record commitments you will make and execute in your work.

Step 3:

Print your certificate

Step 4:

We would be glad to receive your feedback, and hope that you will spend 5 minutes to write a short feedback and send it to: info@arbingerinstitute.se

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